Monday, April 13, 2009

Nintendo Power- Punch-Out!! Still Brutal

I'm probably not alone in the group of Punch-Out!! fans that were frantically worrying about the difficulty of the newest Punch-Out!! for the Wii. Punch-Out!! is known for it's brutal difficulty, and anything short would dissappoint a large number of the series regulars.

Luckily for us, Nintendo hasn't dropped the difficulty one bit, a most welcome announcement.

"If you think the folks at Nintendo have gone soft with their brain-training, puppy petting, and fitness games, they have something for you: a punch in the gut. The classic Punch-Out!! series is finally ready to go another round, this time on Wii, and the new version is every bit as awsome and brain bashingly difficult as its predecessors. Trust us; by the time you reach the last few opponents you'll be begging for some cuddly puppy time"

-Nintendo Power

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