Monday, May 18, 2009

-Massive Spoiler- 14th Punch-Out!! Character Revealed

-Massive Spoilers Ahead-

Watch this at your own risk, because this is the biggest spoiler you will find for Punch-Out!! Wii. A confirmation video of the newest and last member of the roster is below.
Again, watch at your own risk.

Very cool, right?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

GameTrailers- Punch-Out!! Video Review

The great scores continue to pour in for Punch-Out!!, this time getting an outstanding review from GameTrailers.

(Warning: This Review Contains Some Character Spoilers)

GameTrailers Punch-Out!! Video Review:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Punch-Out!! Wii Behind The Scenes Development Video

I love these kinds of videos, because it shows you the people who have worked for years to create a product you can bring to your house and play for countless hours, it gives a face to the games that you normally wouldn't get without videos like this.


Punch-Out!! Wii Behind The Scenes Video

Monday, April 13, 2009

Don Flamenco, Bear Hugger Confirmed

Straight from Game Informer comes the news of 2 more fighters for Punch-Out's ever growing roster.
Bear Hugger: (Far Left)
- Belly moves appear to be the specialty
- Bear hugging returns
- Raspberry faces return as well

Don Flamenco: (Far Right, Doesn't look the same)
- Taunts you into fighting, then counters with a maraca uppercut
- Don will taunt with a Uno, Dos, Tres, and then unleash a three hooks followed by an uppercut
- Knock off his toupee to get him riled up

Punch-Out!! has been said to have 13 fighters to fight against, and I believe these are #6 and #7.

Nintendo Power- Punch-Out!! Still Brutal

I'm probably not alone in the group of Punch-Out!! fans that were frantically worrying about the difficulty of the newest Punch-Out!! for the Wii. Punch-Out!! is known for it's brutal difficulty, and anything short would dissappoint a large number of the series regulars.

Luckily for us, Nintendo hasn't dropped the difficulty one bit, a most welcome announcement.

"If you think the folks at Nintendo have gone soft with their brain-training, puppy petting, and fitness games, they have something for you: a punch in the gut. The classic Punch-Out!! series is finally ready to go another round, this time on Wii, and the new version is every bit as awsome and brain bashingly difficult as its predecessors. Trust us; by the time you reach the last few opponents you'll be begging for some cuddly puppy time"

-Nintendo Power

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gametrailers- Multiplayer, Giga Mac Confirmed

Gametrailers has revealed the all new exclusive trailer for Punch-Out!! Wii, featuring the rumoured multiplayer mode in action. Also seen is Giga Mac, who will be a power-up in multiplayer mode.

Punch-Out!! Multiplayer Trailer:

Multiplayer appears to work rather nicely from what I can see in the clip, unfortunately no online multiplayer(though I doubt it would have really worked) will be in the game.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

GDC 09: Von Kaiser and Glass Joe Gameplay

Gametrailers brings us a look at the gameplay of Glass Joe and Von Kaiser.

Glass Joe Gameplay:

Von Kaiser Gameplay:

The animations in this game are fantastic, and the art style is just as good, Punch-Out!! is indeed back in all it's glory.